Giving Change

We have decided as a leadership team to move all of our giving to one platform. As of right now, we are using two separate entities to collect digital tithes (Subsplash Giving and Elexio Giving). We are in the process of moving everything over to Subsplash Giving by April 30th for a number of reasons:


We believe that the Lord is glorified through diligent stewardship. In looking through our options, we are confident that Subsplash Giving will be the avenue through which we will steward your gift best for the following motivations:
Elexio Giving Fees:
• $20 monthly fee for using their services
• $3% and $0.39 per credit / debit transaction
• 1% and 0.39% per ACH transaction
Subsplash Giving Fees:
• No monthly fee
• 2.3% and $0.30 per credit / debit transaction
• 1% per ACH transaction
By lowering the percentage taken from each transaction, more of your gift will go exactly where you expect: facilitating and funding God's Work here at Vertical Church Albuquerque.

Ease of Use

Here at Vertical, we strive to create systems that are clear and simple. Right now, using Elexio Giving has been the opposite of that—you are redirected from our website to an entirely different page, forced to login (to a system that may or may not recognize you due to any slight change in how you type your email address and / or name), and, in the event that you are not recognized, your gift will not be credited to your account until the end of year financial gift inspection.

Moving to Subsplash Giving will integrate seamlessly through our Website and App—removing any necessity to be redirected and ensuring that there is a clear indication of who is giving the gift to secure that the monthly records collect all of the appropriate information for your end-of-year giving statement.

What You Need to Do

f you have recurring giving set up through Elexio Giving, please cancel it and restart it through Subsplash Giving. If you would like assistance in doing this, please reach out! Our staff desires to make this as seamless as possible for you.

If you have been giving periodically (not recurring) through Elexio Giving, please resume your giving through Subsplash Giving. Nothing needs to be done on your end through Elexio Giving.

Thank you for assisting us in this, and please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have!