Vertical Kids

We win when a kid takes a step toward
owning their faith

Who We Are

At Vertical, we're passionate about providing incredible and fun environments for families to discover faith together. Here you will find links to our monthly lesson, as well as downloadable at-home activities. Especially during the childhood years, when you’re laying a foundation for your kid’s future faith and choices, we want to come alongside you by creating a pool of trustworthy adults who can help you influence your kid.

As a parent, you are making a huge impact in your kid’s life. The impact you’re making is far more significant than any impact we, their church, could ever hope to make. You are the most important voice in your kid’s life, both now and for a lifetime.

We are praying for you and your family.

What to Expect

We hope you and your kids join us this Sunday! (Check in begins 15 minutes before each service)
We offer a worship experience for our kids three years old (and potty trained) through 5th grade that helps them take a step toward owning their faith in Christ. We do that by offering fun, safe, and engaging lessons that teach our kids how to spend time with God, spend time with others, share their gifts, and how to share their story. We also offer a loving and safe nursery (aka Littles) for our younger kids six weeks old through two years or until potty trained.

Parents' FAQ

  1.  Will my kids be safe?  Yes. We ensure that all our volunteers are fully trained and pass a background check prior to serving our kids
  2. What if there's a problem? We provide parent pagers at check-in. If there's an issue we will let you know with that
  3. My child has allergies or other special needs for care; what should I do?  Just indicate your concern on the registration form and let us know at check in

Middles (3-Kindergarten)

Pre-K and Kindergarteners will discover an inviting room that is filled with fun games and toys to be enjoyed and used to connect them with the volunteers. They’ll experience their first large group programming where together they’ll sing and learn motions to worship songs, hear a short teaching, and watch an episode of Calis World who has a bible story to tell them. Then they’ll gather in a small group for an activity that helps them remember and connect with what they’ve learned. 

Bigs (1st-5th)

Elementary-aged kids will meet volunteers who are ready to get to know them through fun games and activities. Then it’s large group programming time where they’ll learn and move to energetic worship songs, hear from an upfront host, watch a teaching video from Cool Carl followed by small group time when they’ll practice their memory verse for the month, do an activity, and talk about what they’ve learned and how to apply it to their lives. 

Spend time with God

Opening the bible, having conversations with God, and discovering how they best connect to God through worship...on their own

Spend time with others

Not just hanging out with Christians, but learning how to grow in Christlike relationships with everyone

Share their gifts

When they begin to discover who God made them to be, and use that unique identity to love both God and others, they grow

Share their story

When they talk about God and their place in His story, it helps them believe, understand and own their faith

Parent Handbook

This is our parent handbook that will give you all the details about how we work with parents to help grow our kids

Parent Hub

This is a simple app that will put all the information you need to help guide your child to grow their faith, to connect with other parents, and stay informed

This Month's Tip Video

Here you'll find this parent tip video and with the monthly newsletter

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Sunday Morning Vertical Kids

6 weeks - 5th grade
9:00am and 11:00am in the Vertical Center (Checkin 15 minutes prior)